Our story began in 2006 when we lost our treasured son and brother, Lee.

Lee Alexander Strebel was no ordinary boy. Incredibly sweet and insanely funny, he was loved by all. His sudden passing was a horrible shock, and we struggled to move forward.

In the months following his death, we searched for ways to celebrate his memory. Something to properly honor his life and keep him with us. That's when we discovered memorial jewelry.

But nothing found fit our tastes, was strong enough to last or most importantly, ensured the safety of the ashes themselves. We realized we'd have to take matters into our own hands and enlisted the help of a few jewelers, designers, and other experts.

Our mission was to create jewelry that protects the treasured material  without compromising aesthetic. After years of research and development, we managed to develop a unique platinum pod that could be permanently laser-welded shut.

We each designed our rings and pendants around the Remembrance Pod. Our pieces had the exact look and feel we were hoping for, and were significantly higher quality than anything else available. Our joy was beyond words and we felt compelled to share this concept with the world.

As a result, in 2012 Lee Alexander & Co Memorial Jewelry was born.

We commissioned award-winning jewelers to build out a complete catalog of designs. We refined our supply chain so that we could source each piece ethically and on an individual basis. We resolved to produce our pieces entirely in the USA and figured out how to make that happen.

By 2015, we felt ready to launch our e-commerce store. We were honored to connect with so many others looking for a beautiful and meaningful way to memorialize their loved one. The feedback we've received encouraged us to continue building & improving Lee Alexander & Co. Memorial Jewelry.

Our Mission

To immortalize those that we love and have lost with the most elegant memorial jewelry master-crafted from only the highest-quality precious metals and gemstones. 

To create memorial rings and necklaces that are both worthy of the life they honor and durable enough for worry-free everyday wear.

To help keep your loved one with you at all times and pass a beautiful symbol of their memory—a new family heirloom—down through the generations.