Memorializing Your Pet with Jewelry

Only some of us will be so lucky to experience a strong, indescribably bond with a pet. For even less of us, we’ll experience that love more than once. And while others may feel our loss is less than that of a human, we understand the depth of the hole that is left in our hearts. Just the idea of losing our beloved furry, scaly,  or feathery friend can be devastating. The reality is an entirely different ballgame. For us, we need something extra special to remember them, and forever celebrate our bond. 

At Lee Alexander & Co., we understand the importance of keeping a piece of your late companion, and work with many bereaved pet owners. In fact, almost half of our rings and pendants sold contain the ashes of a furry friend. Gorgeous rings and pendants with sparkling aquas and shimmering diamonds, forever protecting the ashes (or fur) of your beloved pet.

If you’ve lost a dear pet, consider honoring their everlasting memory with a beautiful Lee Alexander & Co. memorial ring or pendant. 

My pet wasn’t cremated, but I still want to honor their memory with jewelry. May I send fur?

Of course. We accept a variety of precious materials in addition to ashes, such as fur, hair, sand, earth, and dried flowers. Have something that isn’t on this list? Send us a message. We’re able to accommodate most requests.

What metal should I choose to memorialize my pet?

While all of our jewelry is made to last for generations, some metals are more susceptible to discoloration or signs of wear over time. Gold is soft, which is why there are grades of gold. 24k gold is completely pure, but too soft to wear. 18k gold is 75% gold mixed with 25% alloy. This combination ensures it looks the best while still being practical to wear. If you’re looking for the strongest, lowest maintenance option, platinum is a great choice.

Which stone should I choose to memorialize my pet?

In terms of gems, some are harder than others. Aquamarine and tanzanite, for example, are softer than sapphires and diamonds. Both will still be beautiful in ten years, but the aquamarine and tanzanite may appear slightly more rough than a sapphire with the same wear and tear. 

Many of our customers choose their designs, metal and stone based on the life they’re memorializing. If you’re the person wearing this piece, it should match your taste and aesthetic. Choose the metal color that best fits your style, and a gemstone that you love, and that reminds you of the life you’re memorializing. 

Still not sure how to best memorialize your pet? Send us your questions or give us a call.