Memorial and Cremation Jewelry - What's the Difference?

 Memorial or Cremation jewelry... Are they the same? What's the difference?

The answer is simple. Cremation jewelry is frequently memorial jewelry, but memorial jewelry isn’t always cremation jewelry. Luxury cremation jewelry is high-end memorial jewelry that safely holds the ashes of a loved one (human or pet) inside a beautifully designed ring or pendant. Premium memorial jewelry may incorporate a chamber for ashes, like ours, or it may be a gorgeous pendant that symbolize love and celebrates a life.

In the case of Lee Alexander & Co., We use the terms somewhat interchangeably. Some of our customers preferred to use locks of hair or fur rather than ashes, making ‘premium memorial jewelry’ a more appropriate term.

What makes us premium?

Our materials and craftsmanship. Lee Alexander Memorial Jewelry uses only exceptional and sustainably sourced metals and gemstones, hand finished and permanently sealed to forever keep your treasured relic safe.

What makes us luxury?

From the minute our customers contact Lee Alexander & Co., they should expect an ultra high touch with an expert in all-things cremation jewelry. Whether you fall in love with one of our featured designs, or prefer to create something complete unique to you, we will be with you every step of the way.

Durable and made to last, Lee Alexander & Co. Remembrance Urns are guaranteed to last forever. Made exclusively of platinum and permanently laser sealed, the precious material inside will forever stay safe.

Regardless of how you choose to remember your loved one, make sure it’s something you love that will last a lifetime.