Founding a Cremation Jewelry Company

We’re often asked how a family with no background in jewelry came to launch a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of rings and pendants specifically designed to protect ashes?

First, we found ourselves in the devastating position many of you are, unfortunately, more than familiar with. We lost our precious Lee. In attempts to find closure we stumbled upon memorial jewelry and loved the idea of keeping Lee’s ashes in jewelry. So there we were, ready and willing to invest pieces that were beautiful and high quality, the variety was bleak, the material was soft, and the precious and irreplaceable cremains were sure to be damaged or lost.

Frustrated by the severe lack of cremation jewelry for men, as well as the absence of rings, our search was frustrating at best. Wanting to commemorate our loved one with only the best in quality and craftsmanship, the options were slim to none.

We settled on a few pendants and as anticipated were disappointed in the quality but happy to feel comfort when comfort was hard to find. Each of us were happy to have a tangible symbol of Lee to keep close.

Despite our frustration with the quality, and each having to replace our pieces within a year, when they became damaged and discolored, we were completely in love with the idea of gorgeous jewelry acting as our personal, unique urns. It became clear that if we wanted high quality pieces, we’d have to commission a jeweler custom design them.

With the freedom of customization, we worked one-on-one with award winning jewelers to meet our very specific wish-list: beautiful, unique, subtle, high-quality, luxurious durable enough for every day wear, and heirloom-quality so they can be passed down, along with stories of Lee, for generations. Additionally, we wanted rings instead of pendants, and the materials to be sourced responsibly. Our pieces were to rival the best in quality and design, while subtly protecting the ashes of our loved one.

After a long and intense design period, and bit of trial and error, the Signature Lee Alexander & Co. Platinum Remembrance Pod was created, and our pieces were finalized. We each had our own unique cremation ring, which were (and still are) stunning. More importantly, they’re quality is (still) unmatched. We successfully found a way to meet every criterion. We were thrilled, but sad for struggling to find a similar solution of the same caliber. Wanting to provide this comfort to others, we commissioned our jeweler to create several additional rings and pendants, and launched Lee Alexander & Co. Memorial Jewelry.

So here we are after years of research, designing and building, able to provide the highest quality cremation jewelry on the market. Our pieces include rings and pendants created with multiple design aesthetics to meet the needs of men, women and children. Each is built specifically to house and protect ashes (or other meaningful material) in our permanently sealed platinum urn.

While memorial jewelry, no matter how beautiful, could replace a lost loved one, it will help to remain connected and provide a tangible treasure to honor their memory for generations.