How long does it take to create my jewelry?

You should receive your Introduction Kit in the mail within 10 business days after you place your order. Please allow an additional 60 days, after you return your ring size and relic/ashes by mail, for jewelry production and delivery.  At Lee Alexander & Co., only the highest quality stones are accepted and each stone is sourced specifically for your order. For stones that are considered to be more rare or exotic stones, please allow for a longer lead time.

What is the Remembrance Pod?

Lee Alexander & Co. has designed its Remembrance Pod specifically to hold a relic, such as your loved one’s ashes, within our signature fine jewelry pieces. The ashes are provided by customers, and we place them in the pod, which is permanently and hermetically sealed and incorporated into a ring or pendant. For the ultimate in strength and beauty, our Remembrance Pods are made exclusively from platinum and feature the Lee Alexander & Co. seal.

What kinds of relics may be placed in the Remembrance Pod?

Most customers place a loved one’s ashes in the Remembrance Pod, and we are open to accepting other relics such as hair. We can’t accept bodily fluids. Please call with specific requests other than ashes, hair, soil or sand.

Is there a discount for multiple orders?

Yes! Often families want to order jewelry together to honor a loved one. Please contact us for personalized service and discounts when ordering multiple pieces at the same time.

What about custom jewelry designs?

Please contact us with your request, and for a reasonable design fee, we will be happy to provide you with a custom jewelry design and estimate. From requesting a different metal/gem combination to creating a unique piece, we're here to help! Please call or email for additional information.

Contact details and information:

Business hours are Monday-Friday, 9-6 pm, and Saturday 10-5 pm, EST.

Customer Service: (800) 291-7917

Email: info@leealexanderandco.com