The Signature Platinum Remembrance Pod is the heart and soul of each of our pieces. We designed the Pod to be virtually indestructible so that your treasured relics can withstand the rigors of everyday wear, stand the test of time, and last for generation after generation.  

view of pod in memorial ring

Platinum Pod in Mystere Ring

We carefully fill the Platinum Pod with your relics before permanently sealing it shut with a special laser welder and then encasing it within the heart of each piece.


Sealed Platinum Pod

Why develop the Platinum Remembrance Pod?

When we were initially searching for memorial jewelry, the safety and security of Lee's ashes was our utmost concern. 

We were dismayed with how memorial jewelry was usually created. The usual way meant hollowing out the inside of the jewelry, pouring the remains into the cavity, and closing it with a threaded bail or screw. 

But we weren't satisfied with that. For one, that method left the relics within vulnerable to air and other destructive elements. And the offerings using that method used metals that could rust, corrode, be crushed, or otherwise fail the test of time. 

That didn't cut it for us. Lee's remains deserved a vessel of significance, something that would be durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday wear and be passed down to our children. 

It became clear to us that if we wanted memorial jewelry that would be as beautiful and as timeless as our memories of Lee, we would need to figure it out for ourselves.

How was the Platinum Remembrance Pod developed?


We consulted multiple master jewelers and explained our vision and our worries. 

We needed something that could be permanently sealed and remain airtight, so that the relics within could last forever. 

It had to be impervious to rust, corrosion, or any sort of degradation, and it had to be able to withstand nearly any impact. In short, it had to be virtually indestructible. 

After nearly a decade of concepts, prototypes, and trial and error, we developed the Platinum Remembrance Pod in use today.

How safe will my relics be?

Once relics are placed in the Platinum Remembrance Pod, the pod is permanently sealed with a special laser welder.

This means the relics are enclosed within a completely airtight pod and will not be exposed to air or any other potentially destructive element. 

The Platinum Remembrance Pod is the ultimate in strength and beauty and the gold standard for memorial jewelry. 

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