Platinum Remembrance Urn

Created by Lee Alexander & Co.

Made to last for generations

Filling and Sealing the Platinum Remembrance Urn

The ashes or other relic materials provided by our customers are delicately placed within the Platinum Remembrance Urn, which is permanently sealed and incorporated into every Lee Alexander & Co. ring and pendant.

Production Process

Step 1: Receive Introductory Kit, fill Relic Jar with ashes*

Your Introductory Kit will arrive within 10 days of purchase containing the Relic Jar, our small, easy to fill container for ashes. Instructions are also included within the kit, as is a return label for three-day return shipment. 

*flowers, locks of hair, sand and earth are also accepted.

Step 2: The Platinum Remembrance Urn is filled and sealed

Upon receiving the returned Introductory Kit, a Platinum Remembrance Urn is carefully filled and laser sealed.

Production time is up to six weeks and largely depends on the timely return of the Introductory Kit.

Step 3: Delivery of Final Lee Alexander & Co. Cremation Jewelry

The Platinum Remembrance Urn is welded to completed ring or pendant. The piece is thoroughly tested and finished, then shipped  fully insured, overnight, signature required. Remaining ashes are included in final shipment.

All shipping is complimentary. 

The ultimate in
strength and beauty

Feel confident in daily-wear knowing your loved one's ashes are completely protected.